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Sea Bright is the southern half of the barrier beach peninsula known as Sandy
 Hook, it is also New Jersey’s easternmost town – and northernmost town on
 the Atlantic Ocean. Sea Bright is approximately 4 miles long, yet only 1.1 square miles in total area surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Shrewsbury River, Sea Bright has great restaurants, beach clubs, marinas, and service-oriented and specialty storefronts. So when you come to Sea Bright to enjoy the beauty and character of this oceanfront town, you’ll quickly discover there are also plenty of great places to visit and lots of fun things to do.

Businesses of  Sea  Bright

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Our Purpose is to have a common business interest for promoting and furthering the public appeal of Sea Bright, NJ. Improving and promoting higher business standards and encouraging cooperation among all businesses in  Sea Bright, NJ. Improving and maintaining the streetscape of Sea Bright, NJ for the use and enjoyment of the public.


Sea Bright